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  1. Can you get the NASDAQ TICKS and A/D on e-signal?
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    JayF_eSignal eSignal

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    e signal has it all. my opinion best software out there
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    Can eSignal be used to backtest such a trading strategy:

    average down on up-trend. sell all shares at target profit. stop out when up-trend ends.

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    yes to question above and yes to question below. :D
  6. Can E-signal help me to lose money?

    No seriously.....E-sig is the most reliable and stable retail data feed available. IMHO

    Michael B.

  7. I agree that ESignal is the most reliable realtime product that I used until now.
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    I am a daytrader at assent (ANdover). Currently, we are using AT Financial but the firm is rolling out esignal beacuse AF is phased out in MArch 2004. We feel that AT is really great and catered to rapid-fire traders. I heard that Thompson One (the new version of AT since AT Financial was bought by Thompson one) also cannot match AT capability. It is a pitty. Many of us at Assent would prefer to sat with AT if we have the choice.

    However, I would like to post the following suggestion for Esignal based on my experience and feedbacks from other colleagues. This would make esignal great for daytraders.

    With regard to charting capability, I believe Esignal doesb't have the following capability and would be very good if thet can add this crucial features:

    1. The ability to link chart to News Window directly
    So that we can look up a chrt of a prticular window and the news in one click and then decide the trade immediately.
    2. The ability to use + or - key on the keyboard to zoom in and out of a chart window
    3. With current Esignal once we set a chart to zoom in a particular area, the setting always goes back to the original. Many cases, we need the chart to remain in that layout to view other stocks.
    4. The ability to zoom the chart area or study area only by double clicking mouse and then return to the original window by double clicking again. With Esignal we need to remove study window first to look only the chart area and then need to insert it back to get the study area again.
    5. The ability to link chart with a quote window ( In AT Financial you use Import script File to link a chart with a quote window) and then you can use arrow key to see the chart of each symbol within the quote window.

    Thanks and would appreciate very much your response

  9. Please read my contribution as we are not in agreement...I am referring to retail feed......not charting....

    Just wanted to make that clear....

    Michael B.

  10. ESig can't do this? Seems very basic. I think it highlights a problem with this s/w. To me they have tried so hard to be all things to all people that they have a kind of big, clunky product that is not ideal for daytraders. I'm not using it so I could be wrong.

    I continue to believe there is a nice-sized market out there for someone with XOOM's rates, QCharts charting and IB's datafeed. Maybe some variation of QT is the answer, but I am used to a RT/Qcharts interface, which seems a lot different than QT.
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