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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by wdscott, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. wdscott


    On today's contract rollover I am unable to bring up a tick chart of ESH6 with data past yesterday. E-signal hasn't a clue as to what the problem is.

    Has anyone experienced this problem and have a suggestion?

  2. Cheese


    On a general note, I switched a long time ago to Ensign/E-Signal from Q Charts which used to drive me nuts with all the disruption and problems on their service.

    Has Q Charts improved?
  3. Dave, try ES #F instead
  4. wdscott


    Thanks. I owe you one!

    Dave Scott
  5. Just downloaded tickdata for ESH6 for the last three days without any problem.

    But i wonder what the use is of tickdata from 2 days ago.

    I thought that ES#F was not the same as ESH6
  6. wdscott


    You know esh6 and es#f appear a little different. I still can't get data beyond todays trade with esh6 (1500 tick chart).

  7. ES #F is the continuous symbol which gets automatically rolled over by eSignal
  8. wdscott



    ES#F handles the rollover but the ensuing price spike adjustment (10 sp points) from 1257 Dec to 1267 Mar that entails, just throws my charts off a bit.

    Now that I know how E-signal processes their contract rollovers, I'll adjust for it in the future.

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  9. Just me or is Esignal down? No data
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