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    The people on the below link are a group of UK traders trying out E-Signal.

    Sadly the European data feed seems to let them down.

    So they tend to use IB/Mytrack data, and other chart software such as Sierra or Investor RT and others.


    Anyone else have a problem with E-Signal European Data?
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    Hi Toby,

    Yes, we have had problems with our European feed. We had been using a thrid party provider for our European Futures feed but due to performance issues and customer complaints, we opted to go more direct to the exchanges for the data. The transition began in December of last year and, for the most part, continued up until recent weeks. The transition has been rough at times and that certainly has lead some customers to see the feed as unreliable.

    While we did suffer an outage earlier today, overall performance is much better in recent weeks and we are diligently working to resolve any remaining issues.

  3. I have been trading European futures using ESignal data since early December 2002. I have found that until recently, the data has had ridiculously poor accuracy. At times, over 10 seconds of delay, impossible to work with for intraday traders.
    Since about the end of January I have seen a wonderful improvement to almost no delay. There have been however 2 - 3 major outages, including today, 3/7/03 around 4am Eastern USA coast time. Don't know how long it was there before I signed on but it lasted at least 15 minutes from my observed time. Of course, it just had to coincide with a nice pullback / breakout !!!
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    dtn.iq now also covers the Eurex. I'm going to subscribe to it to check it out.
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    Their online chat told me they only cover European Commodities...so Dax etc are not covered.

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    Well, they've only been offering Eurex for a couple of weeks now. It's not even mentioned on their website. Perhaps this guy has it mixed up with Euronext, because at Eurex they don't trade commodities futures.
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    Thanks Ditch.

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  9. I'm a new user, and signed up specifically for the Eurex data and have not been pleased.

    After the thirty day trial, I might have to up to CQG.
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    e-signal ?
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