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    eSignal Support

    What is the pricing ???
    This comes from : http://www.esignal.com/partners/ib.

    Please note: This offer expires at 2:00 p.m. P.T. on December 31, 2002. This offer is only available for new eSignal clients.
    Exclusive special offer now available for Interactive Broker clients -- Save up to $150 per month:

    Subscribe to eSignal for $85 per month or $75 per month on a prepay account and get your choice of data from any of the equities, options and futures exchanges in the U.S. (including Nasdaq Level II**), Canada and Europe. Plus, receive your first month free*.

    But when I proceed (using the Sign up button) i get this :

    This bar represents the percentage that you have completed in the process of your registering.

    Interactive Broker
    Special: Subscribe to eSignal Equities Basic for as low as $49/mo or save $100 ($25 off for 4 months) on your subscription to eSignal (Real-Time), eSignal Equities or eSignal Futures.
    (Offer good through 1/31/03 and available to new eSignal subscribers only.)

    Here I see I get a $25 rebate for 4 months only while the upper special rates prommisses me $85,- / month

    Now I want the futures package with RT eMini's, EUREX and delayed data on all US markets.

    Can eSignal please confirm I will get the $85,- + exchange fees and if so, for how long.
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    eSignal Support (Scott) ore anyone else ..

    What is pricing for IB-customers ?

    See previous post

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    eSignal Support eSignal

    The promotional rate for this IB special is $85/month. Must sign-up by 12/31/02 and at this time, we have not established how long this introductory pricing will continue. You can pre-pay and lock in an even lower rate for one year.

    Please give us a call on Monday if you need an exact price quote for a given set of services or exchanges.

    US Sales: (800) 815-8256

    Europe Sales: +44 (0)20 7825 8770.

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