E signal is worthless

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    Instead of adding pretty new features, I wish they would fix what they have now.

    The ES currently has 2.3 million cars traded, even though it's 10 pm. Isn't that amazing. Only 6 hours of post market trading, and 2.3 million cars! The sad thing is how much I pay for this stupid data.
  2. I'm tired of them too, a contact from Esignal has stopped responding to my PM's here on ET.

    All I want to know is why can't whole minute data AND fractional minute data line up through Esignal? It seems like something that could be fixed yet I keep getting the run around.

    I have definitely started looking elsewhere, I used to buy the year package, now doing month to month so I can jet as soon as I am set up with a more reliable data and charting source.
  3. I am sorry, but we already have an ESignal bashing thread running. Get in line.

    Frankly, I have no sympathy for you. I am guessing that you are like me. A retail trader. Can't afford a Bloomberg terminal because it costs more for a month than you make in a year. Customer support won't talk to you any more because they're embarrassed that you are so much smarter than they are.

    ESignal has been good to me. I consistently lost money for eight years using it. Now that it is a minor expense for me, I can't afford to leave because I have thousands of lines of profitable efs codes I'd have to translate into UrduSpeak.

    So quit bitching and give the new version 11 an honest try. Right now it's a piece of shit, but eventually it will be rich fertile compost. I have invested about 20 hours of my fast-waning life in understanding and stressing 11, and it has promise. Don't tell me everything in your life is perfect. I'll bet your girlfriend has pimples on her ass like everybody else.
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    The perseption that life itself is ironic seems to never abandon you.

    From wikipedia:
    "Compost... At its most essential, the process of composting requires simply piling up waste outdoors and waiting a year or more."
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    But is it really so hard to fix something simple? I mean I'm talking about the ES here, not some tiny volume penny stock. What is wrong with them? That can't really be a very complicated problem to fix. I'm sure all the money spent changing the lay out could have solved this problem.
  6. I am a child of the sixties, Organic Farming magazine and all that. I compost everything. Nothing organic that comes onto my property leaves it, except shit. And I'm working on that. Ashes from the fireplace fertilize the grass. All of my food crops are in pots that come in the garage for the winter. You'd be surprised how many food plants people think are annuals will grow year after year. We even recycle trespassers, bless their misguided hearts.
  7. I think E-Signal is getting rather complacent from years of being the most popular retail data feed. Their data and programming quality standards are beginning to slip a bit and they don't seem to care much yet as they still have a large customer base.
  8. And that large customer base is quite happy with Version 11, as you can see on this ESignal forum page:

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    I've got it! Having never met Art Deco this clue tells me he is really the guy in the HMS Mortgage TV commercials who tells renters "bless your heart" (translated: "dumb ass")
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