E-Signal Increases Rates

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Joe Doaks, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Guess they decided that since BofA dropped the five buck debit card fee we can afford to pay it to E-Signal. As a long-term subscriber adept at decoding E-Signal missives, here is my translation of the e-mail:

    "We have not improved our service. In fact, it has deteriorated. But we think you're such passive stooges that we can suck an extra sixty bucks a year out of you without a whimper. In fact, you should thank us for letting you give us more money to fix our new software abortion. After all, we conned you into alpha testing our it on your own time. And we don't give a shit how long you have been a subscriber. Loyalty works only one way to us. You loyally subscibe and we loyally take your money. You have ten years of code development invested in our platform? Sucker!"

    I have to make myself say it: "Nnnnnn....nnnnnn....niiiiii.....niiiiiin.....niiiiinj.....niiiinja." There! I said it! Guess they didn't do a competition analysis before jacking off their prices.
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    you just need to add one extra contract to your normal trading.
  3. I only trade half a contract now, and I'm not quite ready to scale up. I would have responded to the email, accepting their gracious offer to "contact us with any concerns," but the e-mail source was do-not-reply. Oh, yes, we are interested in your feedback!
  4. I was about to leave anyway, because their goddamned data stream for NQ drops seconds at a time at a fast open. And Ninja looks like a superior platform. But, oh!, the code translation pain! Bastards! E-Signal doesn't give a shit about one disgruntled old subscriber. Their eyes are on the prize of the suckers who jump on that shiny new platform not knowing that it's inferior to the old one.
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    Didn't they just raise prices already, just a few months ago?
  6. Pass-through exchange fees, I think.
  7. Ninja will do the trick if you only trade 1-2 instruments, otherwise will be your worst nightmare ...

    I'm always puzzled about how much time people spend talking about $200 in fees per month when you can lose that in one trade ~ 5 mins ...

    I think the stupid cable tv services are VERY expensive...

    My 2c$, I have NOTHING to do with eSignal
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    you are absolutely right, the idea of a losing 4 ES pts without putting on a trade just bugs me to no end
  9. Obviously you do not have the perspective of an elderly person living in a trailer park on Social Insecurity with twelve semi-feral dogs and six illegitimate grandchildren to feed. And I NEVER lose more than about sixty bucks per contract in an NQ trade. Stops are like pussy. They should be tight.
  10. FWIW, I recently redid my analysis of the best inducks future to trade, and it is still NQ.
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