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  1. Ditch


    Here are two charts of the NQ of last friday, on the 10 min it shows a high at 16.00 (10.00 US time) of 1066.5, on the 1 min however there's high of 1067.5. Perhaps anybody of e-signal wants to elaborate on these differences, which i regularly notice all over the place.
  2. Ditch


    1 min chart
  3. ZBEAR


    I am also experiencing problems along this line,
    and am told that they are working on it....as of 10/27/03.
    I sent them some snapshot files.

    I notice that trend lines don't match up on the different time frames of the same advanced chart.
    eg;, a trend line will show a price touch on a 60 min chart -
    but on a 15 min chart the same trend line goes through the price.

    Let's hope it's resolved soon.
  4. Tea


    I've seen the same thing on larger intraday charts.

    For example data on a 120-minute chart of ES includes after hours data even though you specify regular trading hours for the time template. The cash SPX doesn't do this.

    It doesn't seem like the time template absolutely controls what data appears.

  5. JayF_eSignal

    JayF_eSignal eSignal

    ZBear & Ditch, this FAQ addresses that issue in detail.

    Tea, this post should help as well.
  6. ZBEAR



    Thanks for the reply. That FAQ may answer Ditch's problem, but it won't help mine.

    The issue I'm talking about was "Verified" as a "Real" problem by Michael A.......
    I sent him some snapshot files on Friday and someone is supposedly working on it.

    Instead of getting into it here ... maybe you can refer to the snapshots I sent to Michael.
    Or call me !

    I hope to hear something in the next day or so !
  7. Ditch


    Sorry Jay,

    I don't think so, because i'm comparing DIFFERENT timeframes on the SAME computer.
  8. Ditch


    Further, what i gather from the FAQ-link, the high could be transferred to the next bar, (due to a different timestamp), however the 10 min chart just doesn't show a high 1367.50 before 17.00 (11.00 US):confused:
  9. This is typical of eSignal in my experience. They just don't believe you and I could be right and they could be wrong. That concept doesn't exist for them.
  10. Isn't it interesting also, how one person says they know there's a problem and they're working on it, and then the next person says no, theres no problem at all.

    Just one time, I'd love to hear and honest, sincere, "I"m sorry" from eSignal. Saying it after I have to get frustrated and hot under the collar and beat them into saying it doesn't count.
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