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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by waggie945, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Have you ever had an occasion when one of your charts on E-Signal stops "updating" after about 10-12 minutes, like the SPY's, and yet another chart that you are running side-by-side to it like the S&P Futures continues to "update"?

    And then, it only updates for awhile until it too, stops updating?

    And, they never go out at the exact same time!

    I just started subscribing to E-Signal and this has been going on since the very first hour. My other applications, including AOL instant messenger, Yahoo, Hammer Platform, are all running fine when E-Signal decides to stop "updating".

    I have even uninstalled E-Signal, and re-installed it only to find that this stoppage continues to occur.

    My Windows XP-pro has the firewall disabled and I do not have any other firewall applications running. Am on a cable modem with no packet loss ( great ping tests ), trace-route is fine, etc.
    And believe it or not, I am only about 35 miles from E-Signals headquarters, and their servers!

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    Based on our conversations via PM, this does not sound like a connection issue but instead some kind of software related problem. I sent you a PM suggesting a few things that can be tried to hopefully resolve this. Please review that PM, and if the problem continues, please let me know.
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    In speaking with a technican (JJ) you have been working with, this seems to relate to a conflict with a specific application that is being used on your PC. Please disregard my PM as those steps have already been tried. JJ, will contact you later today with any further information he has found.