E- or L-VISA / Trading as a business

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Rudolf, May 26, 2003.

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  2. Bob111


    yep... it may take a while, but chances are not bad. many of my friends won this lottery.
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  3. Rudolf


    well Bob, it's my 5th year.
    Let's see if it works out this time.:)

    I would be pleeeeeeeasd.:D
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  4. Bob111


    let me tell you something- my wife won this lottery in(dont remember exactly) in 1999 or something and only in this year they not allow you to go INS office, pay fine $1000 (as it been before AND after all time) and get your work permission and everything. to apply, if you won in that particular year you must go back to your country, and apply from there. chances that they let you in after you been in US for while and you visa get expired
    close to zero. so-i still have that paper right in my table and i never used it since we won a damm lottery. and spend another 10K and couple years till my case was done.how about this kind of luck?:D :D :D
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    Yes, immigration to a very different country can be not only logistically difficult, but also excruciatingly complex in an emotional sense. You have to deal with a different language (or at least accent), culture, climate, social norms etc.

    I remember years ago uprooting my family and moving from Virginia to New Jersey.... Boy! that was hard!!!

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    you get my sympathy

    -Fairfax, VA
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  8. Why don't you check out the Netherlands, I believe the traders only get taxed about 2% on their gains. If you come to the US you'll have to pay full income tax on any short term gains.
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  9. Rudolf, please update us with what you are finding out....
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    To whoever asked about British citizenship. It is very easy. Come to London and trade futures on a work visa, clearers can obtain these easily. After about five years two British citizens sign a form and you get a passport. Worked for an American friend of mine.

    Rudolf, what is wrong with german women?
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