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    Maybe you or your wife could get a a graduate degree from a university here. I think there is a provision that people with such degress are allow to work here after their completion and eventually become citizens. However, it may be limited to certain areas(I think it is) that are highly competitive for admissions. Maybe either one of you doesn't have any degree, than you could just enroll in any community college and work towards one. It would at least give you a good four or five years. Here in California, community colleges are cheap even for foreigners. I'm taking a math class at my local CC, I would say at least 25% are foreign students. From the conversations I had with some of them, they appear to be doing similar to what you want to do. There is even an older French lady, older than you, in the class.
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    C'mon garfangle -- You are smart. You know that it would be a joke trying to start a fund or prop firm only with 200k, Don't you?

    You should have read my second posting too and try to read between the lines.

    The point is, I don't want to start any business at all. I would prefer to sit in my shabby Naples home trying to earn some bread and butter.... unfortunately, this won't qualify for any Visa at all. :D :D

    I don't want to run any hedge fund ... or trading office .... or what have you .... I just want to work my own money. I don't want to employ people - At this time I have 20 of them on my payroll.

    But again ..... unfortunately, this won't qualify for any Visa at all. :D :D

    I never, ever failed to reach my goals. Yes, sometimes it took me a little longer, but where I come from and with my background and commitment failure is never an option. So if I have to invest in a business structure to gain this Visa I will do it. It would be profitable as any business I ran in the past. I could apply for the Investor-Visa but I don't want to employ 10 people. And I would be very unhappy to invest substantial money in structures I dislike.

    Do you think I will do it if I have to? Do you think it will be a success? You bet!
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  3. I am not an immigration lawyer, but why do you not apply for American citizenship?

    As to an earlier post about getting a student visa, I'd not go that route now with the security hassle given the problem of the process since 9/11.
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    all true... it almost impossible to get greencard thru this plan and trading doesn't mean trading stocks or futures. it mean trading goods.

    totally wrong...

    Rudolf! get good immigration lawyer. dont try to find answer on traders forum)))-ask lawyer first. good lawyer know ways WITHOUT your creative ideas. there is many different ways here to get greencard. even play greencard lottery will give you very good chance to win.))))))) ask about labor certification or something..
    one thing to know-there is no QUICK way to get greencard.
    in E1-E2 case -you must put all your employees on payroll till you get your greencard..
    can you handle that?
    prepare to spend 2-10 years and lots of money... or find new wife here))
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    my bet is a mexican guy will say you are wrong.
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    my bet is a mexican guy will say you are wrong. [/B][/QUOTE]

    :D :D :D

    i'm not a lawyer and i can be wrong, but
    i spend about 7 years in total till i get my greencard and believe me i did ask my lawyer about every possible way to get it. even if you have kid, born here, pure american there is no law, that will make you legal allien automatically. if INS say go-you will go, kid can stay. kid can come back at any time when he grove up without anything-you will need a visa. same stuff if you bought a house here-it is not guarantee, that you will get a visa even if you want to check your own house, or rented or whatever. even if you outside of USA and you do have permission from INS for entry right in your hands, even this paper may not be guarantee for local INS workers in country you coming from. they can do whatever they want. and believe me-they are not frendly.
    after you enter in USA- picture a bit different, but still far from quick simple solution. you can stay for years, send appeals, open few cases at same time ..etc. can go for years and if during this period you been stoped by cop for DUI-forget about your greencard for next 10 years. i m not talking something more serious. marriage work for sure, refugee work fine, homosexual)))) also work))))))family reunion may work.
    damm refugees get all possible benefits right away, even if they from same country that you from. they get money for education, medical insurance with full dental coverage, paid kindergarden, money for food, foodstamps of course, appartments for free or very small fee. then in about a year those refugees get they greencard and first thing they do-back to country they come from.

    :D :D :D
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    no more INS, I see, I heard Canada is not bad at all.
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    in the same vein how do i go about getting Brittish Citizenship???
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  9. finally, an entertaining ET post!

    Sorry Yannis, this time I was being relatively serious. But I never said I was human or intelligent. Unfortunately, I am human. I am also a little too intelligent for my liking. I am not racist, and I don't consider my statement racist, you will note I didn't say "white" or "black" or "yellow" trash. However, I was probably wrong to generalize. There are citizens whom probably nobody would consider trash, so if I wanted to be precise I would have to retract my statement. But there is a time for precision and a time for rhetoric. I don't see where my statement would be chauvinistic, on the contrary, I meant to ridicule the notion of "nations", "citizenship", or "national pride". I am ugly, and probably so was my statement. Whether or not I am wrong is too irrelevant for me to try and make a determination, since that term is so subjective that I consider it utterly useless. For example, communism is "wrong" in the eyes of a capitalist and capitalism is "wrong" in the eyes of a communist. So what's the point of discussing right and wrong? I am pretty immoral, and I commend you for detecting this in my statement. And yes I am stupid, otherwise I would have found a way to be less miserable.

    Thanks for pointing it all out to me. I always like to reflect on myself and my opinions.
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