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  1. Just curious, though if you have only $200K to invest (from your 1st post) how is it possible for you to set up a hedge fund/prop firm with so little cash? Unless of course you are either a marketing whiz or have a wealthy benefactor? :D
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  2. Yannis


    Sorry Lobster, but I think this statement is totally racist, sexist and chauvinistic, ugly, wrong, immoral and stupid. How can anyone possibly post these words seriously and then consider him/herself an intelligent human being? I really hope I've misunderstood your intentions here and you are just making a bad joke... :( :mad: :eek:
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  3. Zinger! You got me.

    But seriously, it is a little tricky, since the law I was talking about is only implicitly incorporated into the German constitution (in Article 139). But that's the way it works. Nobody says "We the people are evil and want to cause death and destruction." They all hide behind euphemisms and pretenses. What did you expect?
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  4. Sorry Yannis, this time I was being relatively serious. But I never said I was human or intelligent. Unfortunately, I am human. I am also a little too intelligent for my liking. I am not racist, and I don't consider my statement racist, you will note I didn't say "white" or "black" or "yellow" trash. However, I was probably wrong to generalize. There are citizens whom probably nobody would consider trash, so if I wanted to be precise I would have to retract my statement. But there is a time for precision and a time for rhetoric. I don't see where my statement would be chauvinistic, on the contrary, I meant to ridicule the notion of "nations", "citizenship", or "national pride". I am ugly, and probably so was my statement. Whether or not I am wrong is too irrelevant for me to try and make a determination, since that term is so subjective that I consider it utterly useless. For example, communism is "wrong" in the eyes of a capitalist and capitalism is "wrong" in the eyes of a communist. So what's the point of discussing right and wrong? I am pretty immoral, and I commend you for detecting this in my statement. And yes I am stupid, otherwise I would have found a way to be less miserable.

    Thanks for pointing it all out to me. I always like to reflect on myself and my opinions.
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  5. tomf


    complete bullshit? actually germany has no constitution (Verfassung in german) but only a fundamental law (Grundgesetz)

    Article 139 actually covers this: "Die zur "Befreiung des deutschen Volkes vom Nationalsozialismus und Militarismus" erlassenen Rechtsvorschriften werden von den Bestimmungen dieses Grundgesetzes nicht berührt." ... so this has nothing to do with what you stated .

    sorry for the off topic
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  6. You and I know it has to do with exactly what I stated, and those who don't happen to understand German will never know since for some reason you chose not to translate your quote. I will leave conclusions up to the astute reader.

    Now let's get technical about your invention of the word "fundamental law". The German "fundamental law" contains the phrase "hat sich das Deutsche Volk kraft seiner verfassungsgebenden Gewalt dieses Grundgesetz gegeben", which literally translates to "the German people has given itself by virtue of its power to give a constitution this fundamental law".

    So we could either call it the "fundamental law which the German people has given itself by virtue of its power to give a constitution" and sound like a demented pedant or we could use the idiomatic term "constitution" instead. Apparently, that's what the drafters thought as well since they use the words "verfassungsmäßig" and "Verfassung", which literally mean "constitutional" and "constitution", throughout the document.
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  7. tomf


    then you didn't happen to read article 146:
    Dieses Grundgesetz, das nach Vollendung der Einheit und Freiheit Deutschlands für das gesamte deutsche Volk gilt, verliert seine Gültigkeit an dem Tage, an dem eine Verfassung in Kraft tritt, die von dem deutschen Volke in freier Entscheidung beschlossen worden ist.

    which basically says that the fundamental law is only in place until germany got its own constitution

    and concerning your article 139 ... it has nothing to do with:
    "You go to prison for several years for asking the question whether or not reports about WWII concentration camps are accurate."
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  8. That's a pretty strong statement. But reiterating it doesn't make it any stronger or any less wrong.
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  9. Yannis


    OK Lobster,

    I appreciate your response brother, enough said, let's get back to trading, peace! :)
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  10. That's the spirit! T minus 16 hours and 34 minutes...
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