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    are eminis a good thing for someone new to futures trading to get started in? are there any particular strategies to trading them? i know how they work, but i've never traded them or any futures. or is there something else i should be trading?
  2. blb078,

    I'm not being rude...hear are some very good suggestions...

    First of all, I looked at your first message post date...it was on August 13th.


    Thus, your new here and truly need to spend more time reading and using the info here...

    had you done that...you would not have asked those questions...just my opinion.

    I'm making a good assumption about you not taking the time to read the strategies here because they are posted all over in several threads.

    Thus, wake up and open your eyes...

    Also, there is no right or wrong strategy...it all depends on your personality and your trading methodology to determine what strategy is appropriate for you.

    Note: As for your trading methodology...this is your current way of trading along with your desired way of trading because your just starting and probably don't have a real methodology until you start putting together the puzzle from many pieces that's been clearly posted here for anybody to read.

    That's something only you can answer yourself and nobody can tell you.

    Every trader is different...you just have to spend more time reading the Journal Threads, Technical Analysis Threads, Strategy Trading Threads or any other thread where a trader has posted a particular strategy.

    And don't forget to read the Psychology Thread because this is arguably the most important thread to read here at EliteTrader.com
    (my favorite)

    My point is this...stop asking questions...spend more time reading, researching the posts by members here that are posting their strategies.

    Explore some of those strategies...post direct questions to the authors of those strategies in the message thread itself about things you don't understand...

    your going to learn a lot more than the method you've been trying so far.

    To be more honest...the way your questions are being asked...

    I don't think you should be trading the Eminis and you should stick with trading stocks until your consistently profitable at them for many many months...

    while paper trading the Eminis on the side or even using them as indicators to help you with your stock trades.

    Also, there are lots of trading simulator programs on the market and free...

    that you can use to practice trading the eminis if your determine to try to learn something about how they move.

    Start using EliteTrader.com search menu in the upper right corner to get answers to most or all of your questions including to simulators you can use.

    If you can't find what you need here...use Google search engine...


    My last recommendation...

    if your looking for somebody to tell you what you should be trading...

    you shouldn't be trading at all.

    Once again...there are lots of threads here at EliteTrader.com devoted to strategies in the Eminis...

    all you have to do is start researching and reading them.

    Good luck and get to work on your research.

  3. Is basketball a good sport for me to start playing? Are there any particular strategies to playing basketball? I know the rules of the game, but I have never played. Or is there another sport I should be playing?

    I don't mean to should like a jerk. But in your prior posts you mentioned that you are about to start trading with an account of $20,000.

    In my opinion you are FAR from ready to do that right now. I have read all of your prior posts, that's how I came to that conclusion.

    It just seems like the 20 grand is burning a hole in your pocket and you can't wait to throw the dice.

    Slow down.

    One recommendation: spend some SERIOUS time and go threw each and every thread on EliteTrader that peaks your interest. Those posts and threads will lead you to many different places, use your judgement and take it from there.

    Wish you the best,
  4. blb078

    Looks like gotta_trade and I saw the same thing in your posts.

    We are trying to be more helpful than rude.

    Once again...there are LOTS of strategies posted here at EliteTrader.com about Eminis and Stocks.

    It's up to you to read them and stop asking questions about what are strategies for such.

    I'm not going to post tons of direct thread links to each in-depth strategy that's been discussed here because I have a feeling you need to learn how to do the road work to be a trader.

    Last of all...that 20k you have...

    think of it this way...trading is like any other professional career.

    That 20k will be your tuition money...

    hopefully you've learn enough to become profitable before your capitol gets low enough to prevent you from trading anymore.

    P.S. There are lots of free realtime simulators...get one and start applying what you've read about some of the strategies your going to be reading about.

  5. DT-waw


    I suggest you to read all posts written by vegasoul. Only ~100 relatively short posts, with plenty valuable points on trading.

    He also posts at "Trader's Roundtable" forum. http://www.turtletradingsoftware.com/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=29

    Here's a great quote from his post on "Confirming Robustness" thread:

    "IMHO, A robust system makes very little assumptions about the nature of the market environment and use only very universal and general rules in its design"