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  1. other then the Nasdaq 100 E-Mini and the S&P 500 E-Mini, which others are being trading. How is the liquidity of these other E-minis?

  2. DOW E-Mini. Symbol: YM. Each DOW point is $5. There is also a $2 DOW contract, but I think it's dying.

    Liquidity is good, but nothing like the ES. CBOT is giving free data to encourage traders to look at it.


  3. The $2 Dow died a while back. Now, there's only one mini-dow, the YM which is a $5 multiplier.

  4. "CBOT is giving free data to encourage traders to look at it" - can you provide a link?

  5. flysr71


    Mini-Russell, Mini-sp 400 Mid cap

    Mini- Gold and Mini Silver

    Minis on agricultural commodities also I believe.

    Few others...
  6. If you are looking for liquidity ES is the best than NQ and YM. Other E-mini's are less liquid.

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  7. The margin for YM is less than ES or NQ.
  8. Go to eSignal or whatever data provider you use and look under pricing for the Exchange Fees. CBOT mini futures are free.


  9. finding bonds easier to trade intraday than e mini stock indices

    please post some comments under bond futures thread

    thanks !
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