e-minis trading hours (best/worst)

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  1. to all who trade the ES or NQ , which hours are the best and worst to trade ?

    for someone just starting the e-minis, are there any hours that you would say to stay away from ? like the first half hour ?

    thanks in advance !
  2. I suggest you stay out during the "lunch" time: 11:30-14:00 EST. Most of the time, market chops around with low volume.

  3. Hawker


    The following are my trading time zones based on the time zones for the whole market and my regular trading :

    09:30 >>> 10:00 >>> Dangerous zone ( Open )
    10:25 >>> 10:40 >>> Caution Zone (Market pause - reversal)
    11:20 >>> 14:15 >>> Dangerous Zone (retest of the Lows/Highs >> then >> Midday doldrums)
    15:00 >>> 15:15 >>> Caution Zone ( Closing of the Bond Market)
    15:45 >>> 16:00 >>> Caution Zone ( Close)

    The remaining hours of the trading time of the day conform my Comfortable Trading Zone.
  4. Stay away from the few minutes preceding and following economic numbers.
  5. dbphoenix


    Ignore anyone who claims that you should stay away from certain times or time periods and focus on other times or time periods.

    First, decide what kind of trading you want to do, e.g., scalping, range-trading, trend-trading, etc.

    Second, determine what rules you will follow for entering, managing, and exiting trades.

    Third, test your rules on old charts, then in real time, in order to determine when they provide the highest probability trades, i.e., trades which result in a profit.

    Fourth, determine whether there is any consistent relationship between times of day and your most profitable trades.

    Fifth, trade only during those times, if any, which provide the best opportunities for profit. If there is no consistent relationship, trade your plan, not the time of day.
  6. This is even more confusing than the new globex after hours schedule. :D

  7. I hope this kind of post doesn't get lost in the shuffle. It not only answers the question put forth in the thread, but db is laying out a complete, step by step way to learn to be successful. Note there is work involved and time involved that one PERSONALLY has to do. If you lean toward using someone else's idea of when to trade, not having seen the methods these people are using or knowing their objectives, (which are pretty much guaranteed to be different from your own) then you are going to get into trouble, IMHO.

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    Well, gee, Jack :p
  9. I trade from open to close and I don't skip any periods. I trade different styles during different times of the day, but I never avoid any specific periods at all. I trade times just before and after the news one way, and I trade the market open another way. I trade lunch time with one style and the end part of the trade day with another. Do not avoid any periods of the day, instead adjust the style or strategy you use IMO.
  10. The dbphoenix post is right on the money IMO. Great ideas! :)
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