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  1. kserra


    What brokerages is everyone here using to trade the e-minis with ?

    I am looking for a reasonably low commission brokerage, with minimal requirements for trading (low capital, low income, poor college student) if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be very helpful thanks.
  2. what kind of monthly volume are u expecting to trade?
    is it all aoubt the lowest price , or do you want to get the best value for your trading style ?

  3. blb078


    i'm opening up a small account with Interactive Brokers, the commissions seem good, from what i hear from others on ET the software is good, it seems as though the cust. service could use some work,
  4. Try Interactive Brokers, Advanced Futures, or Global Futures. They all have a $2000 account minimum.
  5. hey , whoever offers the dirt-cheapest rates must be the best for everyone , right ?

    so many new traders have no clue
  6. I'm using www.greentreetrading.com

    I don't think they are a sponser of this site, so I won't advertise, but I like them...PM me for details if you want.

    Happy Trading.:cool:
  7. kserra, All I trade is es. I switched to IB about a year ago. That is a good place for a low volume (less than 50 rt's per day) trader.

    If you need charts, you can use IB's data feed with sierra charts for about (I don't know I forget, but it's very cheap) and you can find free charts for historical back testing.

    Most firms offering lower commissions have excessive software fees for low volume traders.

    IB is continually making upgrades to their tws system, and it gives a trader a lot of flexibility in setting up your screen and changing it if your style changes.

    You're supposed to be checking out the financial strength of a brokerage firm, but when you are trading away your life savings at $12.50 per second, that is the least of your concerns.
  8. qazmax


    I use PreferredTrade...

    NQ, YM, and ES only...
    reasonable commish... $5 I think... (one way)
    No compalaints...


  9. kserra


    Thanks everyone for the feedback, I currently use interactive brokers but was not sure as to how good they would be for trading futures.

    Has anyone here had any experience with either FFasttrade or with Advanced futures ?

    I have been checking them out as well and they are rated highly in the brokers section of this site, however I wanted to hear from anyone here about what think about them.

    Also to the person that mentioned using sierra trade for charting, does sierra trade give you the option to look at things like the tick through IB. I am currently an esignal user, but the fees are quite pricey for what I need (only ES some moving averages and an indicator or two) and was looking into the possibility of using something like sierra trade to cut some of my costs.
  10. Go to Sierra Charts web site and download the prgram for a free trial. It will use your IB feed and show only a couple of stocks but you can use all the indicators and customize all you want. I don't think you can beat the value of sierra charts. There is also a free chart program for use with IB, it's www.ibcharts.com It is pretty good, not as many indicators as sierra charts. I've used both, no complaints.
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