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  1. tderrick


    I've been trading about 6 months now and I'm starting to get a handle on Forex pretty well with some consistent wins.

    I need some help in my Futures trading, however... lol :p

    I started on YM simply for the $5 ticks, but I can't seen to get a feel for that market.
    (blowing through stops, etc.)
    Would either the NQ or ES be a bit more stable for my limited experience?

    Any help in getting me up to speed in this area will be greatly appreciated !!

  2. then why trade anything else?...wins is what it is all about
  3. wrbtrader


    It's very simple...

    Backtest your trade strategy on ES, EMD (mid-cap), NQ, TF and YM.

    The trading instrument that has the best performance via your trade strategy...that's the trading instrument you want to trade even if it's not what you want to trade or if you don't feel comfortable in trading.

    Simply, your in this game to make money. Also, what's stable doesn't imply it will be stable tomorrow because these trading instruments changes volatility often...very often. That's why you want to backtest your trade method on all of them to determine which one performs the best via your method along with updating your test results every few months because market conditions is forever changing and you want to be trading what your backtest identifies as the best trading instrument...such may require you to change trading instruments a few times per year to correlate with what your backtest results shows as the best performance.

    For example, I myself prefer to trade Emini ES but I trade Emini TF because my test results shows that TF has a better performance with my trade method in comparison to Emini ES.

    Last of all, I'm very curious why you want to try something else if you already found something your good at. :confused:

  4. TheMan


    great advice coming from the guy who tries to trade anything and everything that is traded
  5. joe4422


    The YM is a bit on the low liquid side. The NQ is worse. The ES is very liquid. If you used a 10 tick stop with the YM, just use a1 point stop with the ES. With the ES you'll probably find more success using manual stops rather than automatic.
  6. tderrick


    Ha!! My mindset I guess!! :) Pure greed my friend. Cash comes quicker in the Futures markets at this point. Unfortunately, It leaves just as quickly!!

    I need to build up my Forex account a bit more ( Saving up). Just trading nano's in Oanda.

    I'm afraid I may have funded the wrong market initially (futures) ha!!!! lol

    Thanks so much for the input, guys!!!
    truly appreciated!! :D