e-mini vs high beta stocks or distressed stocks

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by belgica, May 13, 2003.

  1. belgica


    Hi everyone.

    Any advice is welcomed concerning my two trading strategies.

    which one offer the best probability of success in your opinion ?:

    1/ Trading e-minis:
    capital 20000$
    stop loss: 2% loss max per day on my equity
    Target 2 pts end of day per contract or 400 $ (1% of equity).
    Trading 2 contracts max at the same time

    2/ Invest the same amount on high beta stocks (MXIM,NVLS...) or distressed stocks (I have traded DYN, EP, Ahold...in the past with success although actually I bough wcom at 1$ and lost my shirt.

    Thanks for your input

    Good trading to all

  2. I am not certain DYN and EP are in the distressed category anymore. I think you missed the easy money on those two.
  3. belgica


    I bought them a long time ago, my last buy was ahold when it was at 3.5$ a few months ago.
  4. ges


    FWIW and it may not be worth much, I say trade the distressed. This is my method and it rocks...as long as you can take the occasional big DD.