E-mini video

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Brice, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. Brice


    sorry :(
  2. And so reasonably priced at just 160 ES points!

    Man, he's giving it away!!!

  3. Is that what he's asking for it, 8 large??? Holy smokes!

    I hope he includes a free subscription to esignal, MetaStock and AdvancedGet as a bonus :D
  4. "Classifieds" are for members to exchange/sell used products to other members. They are not for snake oil salesmen to hawk their products. I think this thread suggests that the recent spate of Don Miller threads may have been initiated by Don himself. :mad:
  5. oooops my bad!

    16 ES points.

    That could explain why my P/L has been off lately.

    Sorry TA.

  6. is only $795, too much anyway, but not even close to 160 ES points, unless you meant 16 ES pts.
  7. That's still a tidy sum. If I had a sure-fire trading system to trade the ES profitably I'd trade it, not sell it.