E-Mini Training

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by steve6636, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. steve6636


    There seems to be a number of reasons for me to want to know more about trading e-minis. However, I really do not have any experience in doing so.

    I have been taught that I should learn as much as I can before risking money in a new area. Respectfully, would anyone experienced with e-minis have any suggestions as to materials I should read or instructional material to review in order to become more knowledgeable in trading these?

    Thank you.

    Steve McCormick
  2. Have you traded other instruments before?
  3. ammo


    they are very respecting of trendlines and market profile , so if you learn to draw those and read a market profile chart,no different than having a box full of tools before you attempt to work on a car or a house,you will have an advantage. When u are successfully seeing moves before they happen on your sim trading, enter 1 lots with real money,this should keep you from losing money.