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  1. ninja11


    Hi Ladies and gentlemens,

    many ppl say, that is possible ( and it is quite easy) to take average 1-2 points per contract a day. So now I am so noob and ask you for the strategy. How does such a strategy looks like?

    Would you show us your concept or how we could reach our goal. the goal was 1-2 point per contract a day at the e-mini.

    Don't tell me, we have to work hard and blablabla.
    I want to know how to start! I am willing to work hard! But i don't know how to start!

    By the way I am a succesful trader already, but I am far away to take average 1-2 point per contract a day!

    thank you very much!
  2. Trading the ES is simple. Just use a 5 and 10 SMA cross system and you have your 1-2pts/day. Easy as pie.
  3. luker


    I hope your joking....

    But then again the question is not so simple to answer.

    Where to start. At the begining!

    The simpliest answer i can give you to a very complex answer is,

    Get a demo accout, read many journals and books from traders such as wykcoff, read about risk management, money management ( very very important and widely unpopularised) and finally test many strategies on your demo account. In the end its all about screen time. Learn how the instrument you want to trade moves, they all behave in their own unique way. After two or three years of that you should be ready!
  4. wrbtrader


    You should send a private message or email to those that say "its quite easy" to ask for them to reveal the details of their trade strategy or trading plan for such.

    By the way, you already know where to start because you said you're already a successful (profitable) trader. Thus, you may need to barter via revealing the details and proof of your own strategy if you want others to do the same...it's fair. :cool:

    You could also ask for help in improving your exit strategy that would allow you gain more ticks or points per trade in comparison to what you're getting considering you're a successful trader.

  5. ninja11


    It seems, that it is quite DIFFICULT to get 1/2 piont average!

    I thought I am a noob, because I wasn't be able to do it! lool
    Now I feel to reassured. hehe