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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by enrick71, Aug 21, 2002.

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    Where can I find a free e-mini nq-es trading simulator?

    Thanx in advance
  2. You could try using IB's universal demo account. It allows you to simulate trading on NQ-ES on 15 minutes delayed data. Not sure if this is really what you are looking for, but I figure I would mention it.

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    I Know well IB's universal account, but I want a real time simulatior, with or without data.
    Thanks for you advice
  4. Hi,

    check out the thread with open e cry.

    I used their simulation for two days. You have access for thirty days for free. No data feed, but realtime fills. Made some decent profits with the system. At first i did not like the handling, but it is ok now.

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    contact Trading Technologies
    they offer a real time simulator for ES,NQ over the internet
    1 second delay feed, you can work orders and get real time fills with true P&L

    I think its a trial offer for 30 days and then priced per month afterwards

    good luck
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