e mini traders: volume question

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  1. can some of you indicate on the poll what sort of size you trade on a daily basis? I'd appreciate it. Like "20 per round turn, 20 times a day" = 400 contracts per day.
  2. Aaron


    I've heard that the average ticket size in the e-mini's is between 2 and 3 contracts. This means there are a lot of 1 lot traders out there.
  3. RAY


    Approx. 30+ (varies from 22-160); usually once a day (varies from 1-3).
  4. Tea


    In watching Trade Size on the emini it usually flows somethink like this ......

  5. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    good gracious, I feel like a piker. I do 1-4. :eek:
  6. So do you ever have difficulty in getting filled on sizes like that when you want it? I would think you would not have any problems.
  7. sabena


    You will have the same fill speeds
    with size......but your average price
    fill will be higher when you buy and
    lower when you sell....
  8. RAY


    As stated above, and:

    In my trading I usually buy at the bid and sell at the offer. I am not a scalper.

    *Today was an 86 (Eased into my position with 3 separate orders, exited with a single order, exited too early, but I hate days like today). :mad:
  9. Tacsian


    I not only feel like a piker, I am a piker...I trade 2 to 4 contracts, most often 2, and trade on average 5 to 15 RTs a day.
  10. average es size is 1.5 (this posted by a trader on this site who sounded like he had the actual number from the merc)
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