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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by catman, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. catman


    I'm not focusing on the dollars or the cents at this point....but having no experience actually executing an e-mini trade, I am trying to get a consensus on the best methods of execution (obviously depending on market conditions), and I would like to have some idea as to what to expect when I do make that first trade.....especially if the trade goes against me, and I need to make a hasty exit. Thanks to all so far for the responses.
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  2. oh yeah thats right, 10 points a day, right, exactly right
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  3. Tacsian


    In my experience, if you have no standing stoploss order in, and the market is moving 'quickly' against you, a market order will be a nearly instant fill out for you. I make use of both types of orders depending on the situation.
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  4. catman


    If I am monitoring the position what is the opinion regarding placing a stop order? Am I better off putting in a stop limit order when I put on the trade or should I just be ready to enter the sell (or buy) order as a market (or limit, if the market is not moving that fast) order if the trade goes against me.?
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  5. that's the benefit of entering with a limit, you can set up a hotkey with an auto stop, so if you get in and sys crashes, or mkt starts behaving badly, you aren't fumbling around.

    nuther nice thing, I set up a close position hotkey as a mkt order, (I use X) so if I get confused it's "XT" (T for transmit) and I'm outa there.

    You can also use a limit as a defacto mkt by setting it up as BUY ASK +?. I wonder what the range limit is? I'm guessing 4.00. My God, THAT ought to be enough, I hope.
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  6. Tacsian


    that's exactly right :)
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  7. I like the stop for emergency purposes. 9 times out of 9.367542 you will be filled at your stop price.

    But if you have a limit profit order in AND a stop, make sure you cancel if one is hit. Nothing worse than celebrating a good trade and then hear the little bongo drum go off and then it's "Oh no, not again! Well I just made money on the long side, let's see if I can do it now that I'm accidently short."

    IB says they are going to set up a bracket option, so if your target gets hit your stop will be cancelled and visa versa the other way around.
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  8. Ditch


    You're using IB, take a look at bracket trader, it makes order entry a snap.
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  9. Aaron


    Isn't this already possible with the OCO (one cancels the other order)? I've used it with IB's TWS and it worked for me.
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  10. Aaron, I was not aware that function was availailable for futures.

    Could you please give me some advice how to get started setting it up for es?

    Thank You
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