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  1. Is this a good place to start a daily P&L journal for e-Mini traders? I think it would be interesting to see results. Feel free to post net points or $ value as you prefer.

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  2. I'll prime the pump here for emini traders

    ER2: +16 points @ six turns
    1 loss (morning long) and all shorts thereafter for par or points

    Trading 100-tick chart with deliberate aggression
  3. ES: +20pts trading 200-tick chart settings

    Much as I personally dislike trading fast charts with extreme focus and concentration, not much else is working real well in current program-slam / lull / program-slam / lull price action
  4. Excellent. I'm opening my account in a week if not sooner. Once I'm up and running I'll be posting.
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    Nicely done Austin!
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    Since we're all sharing....I trade E mini, normally 1 to 2 trade a day. Success rate has been good so far, can't complain. 100% technical trading in the first few hours of the morning using 3 different charts, 60min 30min and 15min charts. Averaging between 8 to 12 pts per month depending on the time period. I a looking for some people to help me refine system and expand to other contracts. I am not openly telling everyone about this since people have stolen mutual fund systems from me in the past, but I am willing to disclose all of the rules for interested honest parties. If you would like information please email me at beach_fx2@yahoo.com.
    Serious inquiries only.
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    Those 2 statements are mutually contradictory. They mean you are willing to openly tell to everyone, who ASKS....
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    :D I have major doubts that the systems were "worth" stealing in the first place. :D
  9. What's the trading environment like from 4:30am - 6:30am EST? Does anyone trade this time or have you? Is it going to be liquid enough and active enough to be worthwhile?

  10. Just pull up a chart and look. Liquid enough means different things to different people.
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