E-Mini SP 500

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  1. 1438--->1428
  2. Buy stop 2 x quantity short at session high + .50
  3. short covered. minimal gain. undelying index wants to gap up a little. looking at the 15 minute chart.
  4. bearish numbers in crude oil, SP 500 good excuse to rally and blow stops to the upside. Dollar strength also. Bond market with bearish bias.
  5. VictorS


    I assume this journal is for your personal reference. You may want to post the emini's price with each post. It'll come in handy when you reread your journal.
  6. 1444.44 target for futures. 6 points away. coincides with 1432+4= 1436 underlying resistance level.
  7. out of longs @ 1440.00
  8. lunch time dribble down and wait for entry of long at 1438.00
  9. long entry revised to 1440.00
  10. long entry revised to 1438.00. bullish sentiment priced in for the moment. Intraday.
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