E-mini sp 500 levels

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  1. Hi, the futures markets move from one level to the other ,that's all about them ....now how do you find those levels,what do you use to get an accurate number (level)in your premarket analysis in order to establish a game plan for the following day...

    1)do u use regular tradin hours or globex sessions for charting?
    2) do you use daily charts,60 min charts?
    3) what do u specifficaly do in order to find those levels

    as always answer if you think is propertly and what to share some insights,otherwise be happy

  2. anyone??
  3. Placebo


    Went through the mid point quite easily yesterday.

    Currently approaching resistance at 1100 ish. Lets see what happens.

    All the best.
  4. Nice charts what charting software is this?

  5. Placebo


    Sierra Charts