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  1. So I decided to get into e-mini's and i got the open e cry simulation. Basically first day ive already made $5k in it and it seemed to easy. Any other simulators that wont fill you so easily?
  2. Go live with a 1 lot and see how you go it is very different trust me and the only way to really learn

  3. true
  4. :( gotta wait till august when i get my $$, i hope its not as hard as you guys make it sound
  5. For a bloke making 5 k a day on the sim it will be easy. what strategy style you trading?
  6. just flipping it for a quarter, over and over, looking at chart 3min./1min. and bid / offer
  7. if stock dips on a lot of volume and B/A looks good, good long

    if stock rises on a lot of volume and you get a long upper shadow, good short

    Volume, RSI, MACD on chart
  8. Really doubt flipping in will work in the real world to many bots and big clips
  9. i stopped flipping it today and and started calling it and stuff on the russell DAMN IM GOOD :D only made $900, i was playing with 1 or 2 contracts though
  10. jtnet


    yes its so easy, quit your job and trade.

    ecry demo fills 1 tick away of price it seems.
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