E-mini Russell 2000 (ER2)...massive $$$ Daytrading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. the ER2..emini Russell 2000 continues to offer the best BANG for your contract buck trading at daytrade margins of $300 or $500...read below:


    Daily Range: 17 ($1,700)
    Volatility: 21%


    Daily Range: 26 ($1,300)
    Volatility: 10%


    Daily Range: 221 ($1,105)
    Volatility: 12%


    Daily Range: 41 ($820)
    Volatility: 9%
  2. opm8


    "bang for the buck" is subjective. Depends on how each one moves. I'll take a lower volatility, smooth technical market over crack-addict chop, regardless of range. Within reason, of course as the swings have to be meaningful.

  3. GTS


    Do you trade anything or just talk about it?
  4. yes Sir...traded the YM, ER2, 10 year note last week
  5. Where do you get $300 and $500 margin?
  6. I agree.smooth technical market is very important. I trade CAC40 which looks very smooth. Name of any other market much appreciated.
  7. Yes, more volatitility means quicker to blow out, get stopped and get broke. We use the YM in the Pure Tick room because its in the 'middle'.


  8. everywhere...try...
    www.GlobalFutures.com for a start...this is the industry standard...low daytrade inex futures margins..