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  1. Hi. Guys, I am looking for some e-mini product guide for financial futures. Can anyone post the link/source from where I can download it?
  2. Every exchange provides their own guides so it depends on what you want to trade.

    Google futures exchange and look through the websites. You'll find clear, detailed information on everything you need to know.
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    Chicago Mercantile exchange, [CME] is the largest and most diverse financial futures and options exchange in the world. The complete e-mini product guide prepared by CMS offers some valuable inputs on stock index futures and options on futures. This 36-page file sheds some light on the basic principles and to understand the technical terms in futures trading. You can download this file from here: http://expertfuturestrading.com/?page_id=3. This blog is hosted by an experienced futures trader, offers tips and advice on effective commodity trading.
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