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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by nuton, Apr 8, 2003.

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    I would like to learn about e-mini futures, I have no clue what they are, could anyone give me an introduction and a good book to start with them as well.

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    At least he was honest.
    Many of us that trade 'em could say the same thing!
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    Direct access Futures by Silverman..............
  5. Hi Nuton,

    How did your Series 7 test go and all those job interviews you sent out?

    Are you now with a firm as a broker or trader?

    Update us.

  6. nuton


    i passed the Series 7 back in December and 63 2 weeks ago, I have not gone on an interview yet, ive gotten feedback from Andover only, of the 20 or so resumes ive sent, other feedback has been only for a stockbroker position.

    My resume is posted on the site, that is why a lot of retail firms are calling me, but of the resumes ive sent to prop firms, only Andover.

    Thanks for asking.:)
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    since you pass s7 just pretend future is option on spy but with much higher leverage and you are all set to trade.
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    isnt it basically an options contract, but, instead of option you have an obligation to buy or sell.

    Any other suggestions on books.

    Also, many of these prop firms put equity trader in there job advertisements, do most let you trade futures or are there special firms for this.

    thank you.
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    Click on "Trading E mini's Presentation" on the bottom of the page. It is a complete tutorial on what they are, multipliers(what they are worth), margin, and compares SPY and QQQ to ESM and NQM. You will be an expert.


    Futures do not decay like an option. They do expire Quarterly.

    I just trade em!
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    thanks, i went through the tutorial, very informative.
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