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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by clendark, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. clendark


    I wish to ask if someone has idea where we can find free e-mini nasdaq100 and S&P500.....maybe impossible.
  2. Are you looking for free quotes and charts? If so, go to www.livecharts.com and use the symbols ESH2 and NQH2. Also, we offer free streaming real-time quotes and bid/offers with quantinity like Level II NASDAQ on our trading platform. Check out PorpTrader at www.ApexFutures.com

  3. clendark


    quote.com is not real time...........regards
  4. Nebeno


    Nextrend has free real time charts for the eminis (I believe they still do anyway). Just download the program and use the symbols NQH2'CM and ESH2'CM.
  5. Nextrend is worth subscribing to but the free emini charts promotion ends 12-31-01. But hurry and check it out. I love nextrend.
  6. see at www.cme.com, look for "MarketSound", a java applet displaying current bid + offer, i think it is still there
  7. elon