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    Where I can i find a site that deals primarily with trading the E-mini? I know of several stock trading sites but have not found any sites that deals with the E-Mini. I have been paper trading the E-Mini and I am interested in expanding my knowledge before I commit my hard earned cash. Thanks for any help you can give me as I am from a small southern town and E-Mini traders are in short supply:).

  2. I trade the e-minis exclusively, and am probably aware of most of the Web sites devoted to them, but in my opinion, very few are worth recommending. The vast majority simply offer their own trade recommendations for a big fee, which I neither need nor would possibly want. That said however, http://patterntrapper.com has some useful angles on the index contracts, which you can view without subscribing to their advisory service. http://www.teachtrade.com has the best index support and resistance levels on the Web as well as frequent updates on trading activity throughout the day, though they've just gone to a fee service, with basic service at $100/month. Worth it in my view. http://www.tradingmarkets.com remains preeminent as a source of superb commentary ---- mostly topnotch technical analysis ---- on the indexes from Carolyn Boroden, Kevin Haggerty, and the team of Goran Y and Carolyn Lueck. Also some outstanding board posters there trading e-minis and the Qs and offering their analysis often in realtime.
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    Thanks for the reply. I am currently using pivot points in my trading so I liked the patterntrapper site very much. Do you find that the support and resistance numbers provided by patterntrappers formulas to be useful in intraday trading?


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    Thanks for the info guys. The sites you gave me have given me some new ideas to add to my trading repertoire.

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  7. Many scams out there, beware! I am interested in trading Euro emini Fx (besides emini NQ), too bad the CME quotes are no longer free. Anybody trading this vehicle? What is it like to trade Euro Fx and what data, websites do you use ? Thanks