E-mini depth

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  1. Anyone that trades ES and NQ know if there are services out there that give a Level 2 like format showing bids below the best bid and offers above the best offer with sizes?
  2. YES
  3. care to post any firms that offer it?
  4. JPB


    Interactive Brokers
  5. realtick
  6. josbarr


    I provide the Depth of Market "D.O.M.E" feature at no extra charge. J-Trader

  7. Are the e-minis comprised of market makers that are required to make a market at all times?
  8. No market makers, no specialists, no one has privileged access to the order flow. The beauty of futures.

    Those who provide liquidity do so because they have fast connections and probably some form of automated order generation and alot of capital.
  9. now that the mini's in the Spoos and Nas100 are so liquid

    do you think they can drive the direction of the OPen Outcry
    in the pit in chicago of the big contracts?

    Or do they strictly follow the ETF's and Big Contract?

    for that matter ... does the ETF follow the E minis

    intraday ?
  10. josbarr


    They both Follow SPX.
    #10     Jun 19, 2002