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  1. I had read somewhere that E mini dax futures were going to be offered and that also tradeable in US$.

    Has this happened? I went to Eurex site but could not find any information. May be some US exchange is offering this product.

    Any information much appreciated.Thanks
  2. asap


  3. Thanks Trailingstop3 ans asap for the information. The product is offered by US futures exchange. I did try a search on IB for this exchange and this product but could not find any insormation.

    Does IB offer this product? if so what will be the symbol?

  4. I don't think volume will be good enough on that.
    Spreads, stop running and volume is already difficult for me if I trade Fdax and it will be even worse with the smaller contract because I assume they will hedge with Fdax.
    I would rather go with the ESTX50 which is not Dax of course but has good executions and lots of volume. It has 10 Euro per point and is thus around 5x less agressive than Fdax.
  5. Thanks Topsurfi and Pippi436

    No point in thinking about mini dax
  6. A man after my own heart. They need to kill this horse once and for all.

    I can't believe there isn't demand for the ISE water index futures. :)

    You have to pay to play, and they don't license much if anything.