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    I am wondering if the best 5 bid and ask price levels is all anyone can see for the e-minis. Thanks.
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    yeah, I would also like to know that and more.

    I receive my emini quotes through alphatrade and altough the last trade is updated as fast as 1 second, i'm wondering if the information I receive is the information everyone else gets. Or is there a delay between the order executing computers and my quotes? what kind of delay?

    also, let us take ES as an example, it does not seem very volatile (intraday), there's very little risk.

    what am i missing? does the ES do 50 point drops and I don't ever get to see them on my graphs?

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    What more do you want?

    Umm... (nah, too easy)
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    If you don't have anything usefull to add, the least you can do is not appear to be an arse.
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    jim c

    When i took the Globex class at the merc. (this was like 4 years ago). They said that posting bids and offers more than 5 deep was bogging down the system to much. If that is still the case I dont know. It seems anything more wouldnt be of much use as even the 5 deep they are showing now is full of fake orders. I know the currencies used to show more than five deep but Im not sure about this anymore. good luck . Jim
  7. Daytrading in ES futures is considered as 1 of the most dangerous (if not THE most dangerous) products to trade.
    But if you take 50 000$ margin per mini you're right it's not risky. But that would mean that nothing is risky if you take your margin big enough.
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    I don't understand (haven't read enough yet, obviously), let's take todays high&low

    high 1193.00
    Low 1186.00
    open 1191.50

    so up until now (today), the worst you could of done is lose 5.50 points right?

    and 5.50 points is worth 275$

    don't tell me it is 5.5 x tens of thousands of dollars.

    what am I missing?
  9. 6.5 points is 325 $ ( plus slippage and commissions) per mini. The margin goes from 500 to 2000$.
    So you can lose in 1 day between 16.25 and 65% of your capital.
    Just trade it, you will see soon how fast it can go.
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    Sorry. My bad. I should be kinder to my fellow Canadians.

    I don't know anything about Alphatrade, nor do I know much about the way you trade, but it's to the best of my understanding that quotes are either >10 minutes delayed or real time. From the sounds of it, you are seeing things in real time.

    In response to your question regarding volatility and risk (and the possibility of a 50 point drop). Volatility is what it is. Some may find it little, some may find it much. Even in a fast market your slippage shouldn't be more than a point (if not a tic). So the risk of not being filled at or within a tic or two of the market is small during RTH. I figure that's the risk that you were talking about. There are a lot of other risks that I wont get into.

    My question of why the original poster wanted to know was due to the fact that the ES and E-minis in general are very liquid. The need to find liquidity several handles down seemed odd to me.
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