E-Micro ES S&P 500 micro futures, what ever happened to it?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by WhaleHunter, Feb 26, 2019.

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  1. Looking for something a little less volatile (on P/L) than /ES so I can scale in/out more. It looks like there was a E-micro version but I can't find what happened to it.

    Im looking at the RTY at the moment, E-Mini Russell 2000, looks to be about 25% less volatile, if I calculated that accurately enough, so might just do the trick, but still wanted to ask if anybody knows of a better alternative.

    Also, CME futures are halted right now! Smells fishy! Less time to next Fed pump xD
  2. NQurious


    Reaction to Michael Cohen's disbarment. Everything will be fine in the morning.

    I had never been aware of of an mini-e-mini lol ... though I do think there are e-micro FX futures with very little liquidity.
  3. IAS_LLC


    Why not just trade index ETFs if you don't like the full $12.50 per tick? Liquidity in the micros is turrible.
  4. ETF options is good, except for the potential gap up/down due to no after hours. I prefer the near 24/7 of futures.
  5. clacy


    You could long ES and short RTY.

    ES @ 2782 x $50 = $139,100 long
    RTY @ 1579 x $50 = $78,950 short

    Net long $60,150

    Of course those two aren't 100% correlated at all times, so you have to keep that in mind, but it at least gives you better access around the clock.

    And of course, it doubles your commission expense
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