e mails you are afraid to open

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Got one of those tonight on Herbalife. From people I got into the stock it just read " HLF ". Last time it was a neat 30% clipping for daring to miss a qtr-- this time it's good news. Apparently a big shareholder has made a bid for the co. He would be STEALING it at $38. I will have wasted alot of time for a $3 gain. Then again it's a hell of a lot better that $33... mixed feelings. Management will fight this hard I imagine... could get ugly> unless it's collusion to take this great company private. And that I wouldn't doubt one bit.
  2. I hope you are not calling Herbalife great because of its products?
  3. Read those financials boy! And the whole China thing is in place with distribution channels etc. This is like buying a gold mine for the next 10 years.
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    Stoney - You kill me, first REFR, now Herbs. You really need to add POT to your watch list.

    No seriously - POT is a great ethanol play - they make fertilizer and corn uses more fertilizer than any U.S. crop (legal crop anyway).

    I wouldn't jump in now, but wait for a pull back to $150 or so - check the chart, it's going straight up, higher and higher!
  5. topdown don't think I haven't already done that with POT years ago. Funny think about REFR I didn't realize what a great symbol it was until I had already bought it. I'm just like- there's something about this stock I like. There's another stock ROCM that just goes up for no reason and I had a limit order in for that but I have no grasp of the story other than it's Rochester Medical and it's cascading up with volume, the glass story I like that better- I shifted over to that play. but we'll see. Today it certainly paid to be in Rochester medical. I have a feeling next week REFR might drop some more good news and we get a run to $12.