E-mail Virus?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by syd697, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Hey all,

    So it seems everyone in my address book is getting e-mails from me with a bogus link attached - obviously I've been hit with some kind of virus.

    My e-mail is a yahoo account though, so it's not coming from a mail software on my pc like outlook express. How do I isolate or take care of this problem? Is there actually a virus on my pc? Yahoo mail is from a website and my contact list is part of yahoo mail and does not reside on my pc. Plus, we have multiple pc's sharing the same network connection all using the same yahoo account.

    Not sure how to proceed at this point? Do I shut down the yahoo account? Will that solve the problem? Do I need to wipe out all hard drives on all pc's sharing the same internet connection? I'm lost. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. The immediate fix is to change the password on the account and any other accounts using the same login and password.

    The long term fix is to not use junk like AOL, Yahoo, gmail, etc. They are all top of the list targets for the hackers who appear to have compromised your account.
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    Does Comcast online email or Mozilla thunderbird fall into the "junk" category?
  4. Its easy to hack yahoo mail. Google it and you can find the instructions. They don't need your password, all they need is your email address.

    I had my yahoo and hotmail accounts hacked. I changed passwords but that doesn't help. Only way to stop it is to delete all of your contacts which I have done except for an address that is another personal account of mine. I left that in so I can tell the next time it is hacked.
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    gmail is quite secure I have not get any spam from gmail.