E-Mail Martha Stewart!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TM_Direct, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Let her know what you think...she started the web site and is still proclaiming its a personal attack.


    Dear Martha:

    I hope you end up in the joint and have to serve at least three months.....If it was I who did this , I would serve three years. Look at the bright side, when you get out, you can teach all you viewers how to make a Knife out of a tooth brush, or how to pay for those new curtains with a pack of smokes...good luck in prison and remember. there is no time for indecision when confronted by a jail gang: Fu*k, Fight or run.

    Good luck
  2. Honestly, I admire Martha Stewart for what she was able to create and I have always found her oddly hypnotic on TV. I am not at all bothered by the stories that she was harsh on her staff. If they didn't like it, let them create their own billion dollar empire and run it as they see fit.

    But for her to claim this indictment is soemhow political payback is insulting nonsense. Frankly, if I were the judge I would give her extra time for disparaging the justice system in this way. She has shown a disconcerting lack of contrition.

    She is right in one sense. If Clinton , Reno and their gang were still in charge, I seriously doubt they would prosecute a big contributor. They certainly showed a remarkable lack of interest in Chinese campaign fundraising corruption. It is certainly unfair that a crook like Marc Rich could buy a pardon off a corrupt president and you will have to serve time for merely lying to investigators. but times change Martha. You could ask Saddam, but he's a little hard to find right now.
  3. After getting her info, she should have thought about what she was doing, since it was small money to her. She should have decided to WAIT 1 day, until the info was public, and then sell her shares.

    She would only have lost 50K. The stock opened down 10+ points.

    She is so stupid, being a stockbroker in her past, to go with such an outrageous lie, that can easily be traced, and subsequently has been.

    She's a pig, for knowing the rules, and not waiting for the info to become public.

    I bet she would have waited that 1 day now...

    TM, please send this to Martha, along with Jack Hersheys bladder bag!

  4. Send it your self...THAT IS THE E-MAIL ADRESS SHE POSTED!!...what an arrogant pig to open a 'new web site' just to have a forum to continue to lie,,,go ahead and send it....she said she will reade every one and i sent her the mesg. above.
  5. I just thought you might want to include jacks bladder bag.