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  1. One night, after looking at charts for months, I saw something

    After that I started to look at charts in a complete different


    This insight convinced me that there was order in the appa-

    rently chaotic movements of the market.

    The power of this insight is in the simplicity of it's nature.

    People in the financial field like to dream about the Holy


    I believe what I have discovered is able to catch a substan-

    tial amount of waves, not all of the waves of course.

    I like to demonstrate this discovery to the world and to hear

    if anybody has seen anything better then this.

    TO BE CONTINUED.......
  2. DT-waw


    we're all ears
  3. The markets keep following this rule so good that it is almost


    I believe that the market best suited to exploit this would be

    Forex market, since it seem to be highly liquid.

    It is in my search for a broker with the narrowest spread

    and good liquidity that you people from Elitetrader can help


    Please, advise me in this matter...
  4. Here we go again.
  5. Easyrider,

    What you mean by those words ?
  6. LOL! :D



  7. You people are not joking with me, I hope ?!
  8. DT-waw


    woooh i'm frightened :D
  9. Hello,

    Perhaps it's you joking with us? You state you've found something to exploit, then say, "I like to demostrate this discovery to the world and to hear if anybody has seen anything better than this?" Without offering any information, you then jump to the ?, "Please advise me in this matter..."

    Forgive my suspicion, but so far you've opened with something to share, then without sharing went right to asking for advice. Do you really have any ideas, or is this another fishing expedition?

    L8R Kelly
  10. Ok, I understand you people...you think I am not serious

    To prove I am, help me to find good broker with narrow

    spreads then I will show my trading results.

    I want even to show this in real-time.

    Sounds serious enough ?
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