e-gold, offshore accounts, anonymous debit cards

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  1. geez, doing a search for offshore banks, i discovered a whole world of buying an offshore bank, something called e-gold and debit cards with only numbers and no names. is this stuff for real or just another internet scam ?? anyone ??

  2. after further research, this e gold is everywhere. seems like a scam to me, does anyone have info ?


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    E-gold is not a scam. I actually tried it a couple of times to send some money.

    Never tried the Debit cards but I'm pretty sure they would work too. I don't know why you would want one because the fees are outrageous.

    The own your own bank thing is most likely a scam. You might if you're lucky actually be able to get a banking license from some weird country, but your bank will never be able to get correspondent accounts at the major banks or access to the SWIFT system making it pretty useless to own the license.
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    I wouldn't leave large amounts of money in E-gold or the debit card accounts just in case. But for just sending or spending some quick anonymous cash they actually work.
  5. Dear Mr. Surfer,

    As a reward for searching for such topics, you will be receiving a call from your friendly neighborhood IRS auditor shortly.



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  7. thank you, okwan

  8. No; not what you are looking at ...

  9. metooxx,

    how do you know what i am looking at ?? that is a scary thought.

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    metoo has veighs....

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