E-commerce! Why you should never buy anything at a "brick and mortar" store.

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  1. What you're buying is often a mystery.

    Online research shows the best reviews and has actual consumer experiences using the product. The site below is excellent at reducing the mystery.


    Then use PriceGrabber to get the lowest price on that item.
  2. Plus the time saved going out to buy something, and you don't have to pay sales tax!
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    Really? So, I go to the web site and click on Computer and Internet and look at Best Online Brokers and Fidelity tops the list with trades for $19.95. Keep your ConsumerSearch Web site.
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    How, exactly, does anyone verify the accuracy of a bunch of anonymous reviews/customer experiences?

    Most of the information on the web is worth exactly what you paid to get it...
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    After searching for fishing rods this is one of the reviews I got.


    I don't know how anybody is going to catch fish with those boxes. Better stick with the brick and mortar stores. :D
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    False choice - You can research online and then go to a B&M store to purchase if you so desire.

    That being said, I much prefer shopping online but not for the reason you stated.
  7. I read a paper on how shooping on the internet is "green". Good for the envronment.
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    In LA we're paying 10.25% sales tax so that does generally cover shipping. Buying online makes sense right now.

    But how long before the states start pursuing those lost tax receipts?

    I've heard of people in Washington getting a letter from the state listing their online purchases and asking for the sales tax. I'm thinking they are going to close the sales tax loophole and I wouldn't want to be holding Amazon when that happens.

    If I need something quick I'll buy it locally at the store but I'm definitely buying alot of mundane things online. If I need toothpaste I'll buy a case online. Deodorant, a case online. Vodka, a case online. Razor blades, a case online. You've got to get the quantity sufficiently large to keep the per unit shipping down. Those stainless-steel storage racks on wheels are handy and I've got a couple in a spare bedroom where I can keep boxes of stuff. Maybe I'll end up on that tv show "Hoarders, Buried Alive". :D

    I've got a box in a UPS store which can accept USPS, FedEx and obviously UPS. They sign for everything and I've never lost anything. I no longer receive mail at home and don't even have a mailbox currently. I got tired of junk mail and ended up creating a circular USPS forwarding setup to get rid of it.
  9. USPS is losing $3.5BN every year. But they never go bankrupt because it is owned by the government. And the loss is expected to increase every year from now.

    If USPS were to operate like a private company, they would charge much more than $2.25 for shipping a book. This means the death of AMAZON.COM

    Amazon.com is a burden to American taxpayers.
  10. Some online buyers this weekend received fake stuff after they bought online. It was on the news last night.
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