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  1. JT47319


    So YM and other CBOT products have transitioned from a/c/e to E-CBOT. Any comments? Thoughts? Findings?

    Hopefully, there won't be any more "net" trades, even though I've been on both the good and the bad end of it.
  2. I thought the transition doesn't occur until next week?
  3. No more native stop orders for Mini-Dow (YM).

  4. when entering orders .... if you accidently execute outside

    or cause an execution outside of the CBOT mistrade policy
    guidelines ... you can be heavily fined.

    I am trying to see if I can get a reduction
    of a $1000 fine for a mini bond trade
    made a day or so ago by me
    that was out of line , busted
    and now possibly fined.

    not sure of I can go to arbitration on this

    can I deduct a fine come tax time :(
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    Nov 24

  6. SethArb, can you explain how you can cause an
    invalid execution.

  7. ECBOT 1 month up and running.

    Have there been any issues reported concerning ECBOT ?

    BTW, they will move "all the other stuff" from a/c/e to ECBOT in about 10 days.