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  1. I see this new sponsor on ET. I went to the website, but I cannot find a comission schedule.

    Am I blind or is there not one?
  2. We tailor commissions based on style of trading, soft dollar programs, DVP etc. Our basic rates are .01 per share stock , Mini's $7.00(round turn), Options $1.50 contract with all rates subject to volume discounts for trading groups & hedge funds .
    See www.ebrk.com/trade.html .

    E-Brokerage was formed by the partners of Lieber & Weissman Sec., LLC to service the needs of hedge funds & institutional traders who need direct access trading and the extra customer service we offer in programming & consulting. Minimum account size $50,000. Member NASD/SIPC/NFA .We clear through Spear,Leeds & Kellogg. Additional account protection offered by
    Goldman Sachs in excess of 500 million.

    Gene Weissman