DySen V4.5.4 available

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by wolffram, May 20, 2003.

  1. wolffram


    Fipertec (www.fipertec.com) has just released version 4.5.4 of Dynamite Sentimentor with the following new functionality:

    • optional partitioning of price data into optimization-, control-, and out of sample ranges (see Constraints-Page in the Evaluator)
    • results of the control range can be used as restrictions in the optimization process
    • the Optimize-Dialog maintains a history of improved parameter settings
    • MoneyManagement also available in the SystemTester
    • new Express functions SetLongTrigger(), SetShortTrigger() for defining confirmation prices
    • number of steps for the sensitivity analysis can be defined on the TradingConstraints page
    • User specific licensing of studies and Express sentimentors

    Best regards,
    Joachim Wolffram