Dynamically exported dialog box (MFC Extension dll)

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  1. Hello,
    (This is in VS2010) I'm trying to create a generic dialog box that comes up when my extension dll is loaded onto the client application (Takion.exe). This is a trading platform and has its own API with severely scarce documentation; this is all I have:

    Just wanted to inquire of any ideas to pursue this; the API itself has header files corresponding to the API library. One of the classes in the API is inherited class of CDialog:

    class TakionDialog: public CDialog

    Takion dialog in turn has several derived classes. In the .cpp file corresponding to the entry point header, between #ifdef __cplusplus #endif..........#ifdef __cplusplus #endif there is a void WINAPI ExtensionInitialize() method where the dialog box class and its methods are called.

    I realize that a lot of information depends on the API code, however any feedback in regards to dynamically calling a dialog box is much appreciated. I'm ultimately trying to extract and display the data in the dialog box if that is relevant at all. I'm fairly new to C++ (been at it for 2.5 weeks now) and as always, any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I don't see a reference to TakionDialog in the document you linked. I'm assuming the CDialog that it is inheriting from is the CDialog from MFC. If that's the case, then you should read up on creating GUIs via MFC's CDialog class. This is independent of Takion. Just generic Windows MFC dev in C++. Should be plenty of tutorials. After you understand how CDialog works, then you should be able to see how the TakionDialog class is affecting that and therefore how to utilize that. Alternatively, find the TakionDialog documentation (the doc you linked isn't it). I would assume they have examples. Search their example code for TakionDialog.

    You said you're new to C++, but are you familiar with other languages? If C++ is your only experience programming then trying to tackle programming in general, C++ in specific, MFC GUI dev, and Takion all at once is going to be rough.
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  3. Thanks a lot for your response, it was helpful. I shall study creating GUIs using CDialog class. As for the documentation, the above document is all I could find. There is a severe lack of documentation with respect to Takion API, and is also the reason I have resorted to help from forums.

    Thanks again for your help
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    Hi. I'll try to solve this. It's been a couple years since I worked with MFC, but I currently have a similar-sounding extension DLL for MultiCharts using VS6/VS2017 MFC/C++ that can be a testbed. PM me if I don't reply in a week, or sooner and I'll give a phone#. B/t/w, once you have a mode-less start-up announcement dialog, it could become a mode-less popup to request parameters / communicate status. If I recall, there are threading issues to work thru when getting parameters from user input in such a dialog.
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  5. Hey goslow,
    Will do, really appreciate your help