Dynamic Yield Curve

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    Why? You think we'll go off the cliff based on flattening yield curve?
  3. Since the right graph shows S&P price, I'd love to see a dynamic yield curve that uses bond prices instead of yields.
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    That's basically one and the same... 100% correlated... what would that tell you?
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    That is an awesomely cool video.
    Is there a DVD out anywhere?
    Does The Academy know about this? Sundance?
    {OMG! Cannes?!?!?}
  6. Let me answer your question like this: If the Senate fails to pass the tax bill, then you do not have to worry about the flattening yield curve! Meanwhile, make sure your Parachute will open.:)
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    What does this reasoning have to do with the dynamic yield curve? Or the past 18 years of S&P500? Or the combo?
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    Flattening yield does not mean stock prices will go down. Negative spread has some validity.

    Bottom sub plot is the yield spread between 10y-2y bonds
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  9. One step at time Jack! :)
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    I can't make a judgement on half facts... A crumble pie without the crumble is just a pie.
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