Dynamic Trend Profile

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by redbank199, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Baywolf


    Those "gauges" make me feel like I am at the helm of some sort of utilities command center.

    From the screenshots, it looks like it measures bullishness and bearishness. Why not just run a MA indicator on medium/long timeframe chart? (based on your style). You can see the direction of the market by looking at a chart.

    "We have identified eleven different Room Sizes (time frames), that frequently occur in any major trend. The concept of Room Sizes eliminates the need to select a time frame to trade in. The best Room Sizes are dynamically identified based on current market conditions. The Profile displays the trend patterns in all eleven rooms allowing you to quickly identify trading opportunities."
  2. "select a time frame to trade in" ...

    That is what I am doing now when I
    scan different time frames from tick
    all the way up to daily trying to see
    which time frame has chart that
    looks "nice and clean" and is tradeable.

    This is interesting ...