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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by just21, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. just21


    Anybody following Robert Miner's predictions care to comment on his track record? I received the email reproduced below on 10/5.

    Dear Friend of Dynamic Traders Group:

    Thank you for purchasing one of our products or visiting our web site in the past. I wanted to let you know that next week should be quite important for the stock indexes.

    The Dynamic Time Projection period of Oct. 8-14 (particularly Oct. 10)should be the low for the year for the stock indexes. The low should be complete just below the July low in the relatively broad range of 763-718 (SPX).

    While this should not be the end of the long term bear market begun at the March 2002 high, a low around Oct. 10 should usher in a corrective rally lasting weeks, if not months.

    If you would like complete information regarding the specific time and price projections for the low, this week's Dynamic Trader Futures, Stock and Mutual Funds Report include an extensive section on the stock indexes.

    The Saturday reports are now available at


    Even if you don't purchase one of these critical reports, be prepared for a sharp reversal in the next week or so in the time and price zones mentioned above.

    Robert Miner
    Dynamic Traders Group, Inc.
  2. I like Miner's treatment of price/time convergence. He integrates Fibonacci and swing trading techniques within this framework. If you find Gann incomprehensible, then Miner is approachable. I haven't tried the software but the book is worth getting.

  3. Hubert


    yes there are 2-3 people in our chat room that use it and they love it

    they get his software and his updates/ newsletters

    its good stuff

    good luck

    if you need more info just let me know i can send you a report that one of the guys does each bight using his software

  4. I understand in his chat room he makes good calls. However, I used to subscribe to his Futures Reports and his track record was miserable. As far as his recent prediction on the low, this was his third such attempt, so I suppose thrid times a charm!
  5. nkhoi


    I have seen it work but are you willing to invest time and money to learn how to use it properly or are you going to wonder about his record when signal is given
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  6. scratchy


    Does anyone here get the reports on forex/futures and would like to ?