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  1. Is anyone using this package and if so canyou comment on its features and usefulness and especially its fibonacci features
  2. An absolute amazing program. Everyone reading this post owes it to themselves to atleast visit the Dynamic Trader website at:


    It isn't really a real time program, but it does have a utility for reading various data types intraday. For instance in the new Tradestation 6, I downloaded a utility they provide into easy language and then added it as a hidden indicator to all my charts.

    It essentially reads many different types of intraday data that is saved on your hard drive. Even though the software doesn't read the data signal directly, it will automatically read the data file as often as a new bar is posted to the data file which makes Dynamic Trader effectively a real time program. However, you will not be able to see a 5 minute bar, for instance, until it has been completely posted.

    The software comes with the book Robert Miner authored called Dynamic Trading. It also comes with the Dynamic Trader Course and the Dynamic Trader Software User's Guide. In essence, this isn't just some charting program, it is an entire educational course, and without any fluff whatsoever. You also receive a 6 month subscription to Mr. Miner's Dynamic Trader Futures Report, which is sent via e-mail every Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night, which really helps with your on going education.

    The course takes three different approaches to analyzing the markets. It teaches to determine the direction of the market with Elliott Wave analysis, when it will arrive at a certain point with its time analysis, and the price levels that show the greatest probability for a trend change.

    The software is extremely easy to use. When loaded the software on my hard drive, I literally spent hours playing with the features. The tools are second to none and I have never seen a more user friendly program.

    I have no relationship with Dynamic Traders or Robert Miner. I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts on this software and educational program. After seeing all the junk on the market, and purchasing many of them, I am truly thankful I found this wonderful software and course. It has done wonders for my trading and education.